Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you do your projects on your own or do you outsource them?
The "My Branding Pal" team is a professional staff of 14 people, and everyone has their own project regarding to their respective fields. Having such a wonderful team, we never outsource any work. Not that we are against that, but we believe in our skills and our teamwork. Working in harmony with each other for many years has made our team stronger and confident!
2How do you get access to our social media accounts?
To manage your social media accounts, we need your account login credentials. On Facebook and LinkedIn you can add us as an editor, but for Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest we need your credentials. Being a professional digital agency, we guarantee our customers that every information shared with us is 100% protected and safe.
3Where do you take the content to create the posts?
We use only copyright free and high-quality pictures from trusted sources. We never copy anything from other people or use their content without asking for permission.
4What do you need to get started (Social Media Management)
To start working on your project and in order for us to deliver exactly what you are looking for, we need your *website, *logo, *accounts login credentials, *photos that you want us to use, * important information about your business, *stay in contact with us until final delivery.
5What do you need to get started (Web Design & Development)?
The most basic and compulsory requirements are: 1. WordPress friendly hosting or Linux cPanel based hosting. 2. A domain name/website name (e.g. www.example.com) linked with hosting server. 3. Content for pages (text+images).
6I am starting a new local business but don't know where to start from. What do you recommend me?
Firstly, a business needs to be represented professionally in front of its customers. So, the first thing we recommend is a logo, done by our Graphic Design team. Then, going on with Business Cards, Envelopes, Flyers, Brochures etc. Then, the most important part that will make your business complete, is a professional Website and a solid Social Media Presence.


Why choose us?

We don't just speak, we also listen and read carefully. Your Branding Pals study everything about your brand, what you want to achieve and what your goals are. You will not be treated as a customer, but as part of our team.

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