Social Media Management

Be on their minds, not only on their feeds!

Social networks are now a substantial part of every marketing strategy, and the benefits of using social media are so great that anyone not implementing this cost-effective resource is missing out on a phenomenal marketing opportunity. It’s easy to see that Social Media Management is a key element for success in marketing every type of business or brand!

Let’s list some of the key aspects that your business will benefit from Your Branding Pal!

Increased Brand Awareness; More Inbound Traffic; Improved Search Engine Rankings; Better Customer Satisfaction; Improved Brand Loyalty; More Brand Authority etc.

What to expect from our professional Social Media Management Service?

  • 1. Our team will professionally manage your social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  • 2. Accounts optimization (and creation if you don’t have them created yet) as a BONUS from us!
  • 3. Creation of Social Media Graphics that expose your products or services in the most informative and eye-catchy way.
  • 4. Hashtag research to find the best and most effective hashtags related to your business, so your posts and accounts can get a larger and more targeted audience.
  • 5. Scheduling of the posts at the best times, when most people are available during the day.
  • 6. Social Media feed upgrade (especially Instagram), with posts that have the same theme and will help your audience create a clearer picture of your business.


1Do you also create Social Media Accounts?
Of course, we do! Our staff will create and fully optimize your Social Media Accounts by completing every section with the best keywords related to your business, will create a profile and cover photos and make sure that everything is totally professional.
2If I choose one of your packages, will the posts be the same on all of my Social Media Accounts?
Yes, the posts will be the same on all social media accounts. So, the Basic Package includes 7 posts in total, the Standard Package 30 posts, and the Premium Package 60 posts. By posting the same posts on all of your social media accounts, we have the opportunity to improve your brand's awareness and identity.
3Do you outsource your work?
All of our clients receive expert service from our in-house team. None of our work is outsourced and we take great pride in the ability to generate BIG results with the family we’ve built here.
4Which Social Media Platforms should my business be present in?
Bear in mind that some channels are focused on B2B, while others take a B2C approach. The decision depends on the product or service that you’re providing, as well as on your audience. For some businesses, it is perfect to be present only on Facebook and Instagram, while for others the ideal option being present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Contact us today so we can give you our expert advice.
5What common social media marketing mistakes should my business avoid?
Inconsistency is one of the main traps you could fall into. That could mean starting on a platform and abandoning it just to try another one. It could also mean publishing updates in a frantic manner. Putting some logic into how, when and where you post the social media posts could tighten the relationship with your audience. If not for anything else, your audience could learn when to expect your updates.
6Where do you get your content from, do you use copyrighted photos?
We have never used copyrighted photos without asking them for permission, or without tagging the author. We have our own trusted sources where we get only copyright free and high-quality images related to your business. Also, photos of your products/services will be used to create the perfect strategy.


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